Commitment to Change

Why is commitment absolutely essential in creating a new habit? Let’s take a step back and think about why someone might work on their habits. They see a need to change or they want something better for their lives. Can we agree on this? So why hasn’t it happened? Why have they not gotten the


Morning Practice

My reflection on this began over 15 years ago when I taught private yoga lessons. Most of my students wanted to get up in the morning and practice yoga. They felt good doing it, they liked the practice, and they liked the result they got – better mood, better sleep, healthier body, more mastery over their food choices, etc., so why didn’t they do it?

Wanting something is very different from committing to something. When you want, you desire. You have an emotional impulse for something in your life, but this desire does not take you to the next step which is ACTION. However, if you are COMMITTED, it creates a different nervous pathway in your brain which takes you towards ACTION.

Commitment to Change

Most of my students, WANTED to get up in the morning and practice yoga. But wanting is not enough. The students who were COMMITTED to waking up a little earlier to practice their yoga, they were the ones who actually took ACTION and created that habit. Now, take a moment to think about what you have wanted in your life and ask yourself if you were truly committed to take action?

commitment to change

In The Habits Club, we have created strategies to help you remain committed.

  • When that alarm rings, re-commit to your morning routine
  • When that sweet dessert calls to you, re-commit to a low sugar diet
  • When you feel unmotivated, re-commit to your vision of your future-self and who you want to become

When you are committed, the way you think about change will be different and the results will be different – your actions and eventually your habits will change.

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