Anne Macnabb Nadjafi

Passionate Nutrition & Wellness Advocate
Empowering 40+ Wellness: Transform Your Health Journey with Expert Nutrition, Mindset Mastery and Cravings Management Coaching

I am dedicated to and trusted by my clients and integrate all of my experience and training in coaching and teaching. Creating a holistic approach combining wellness expertise, mindset, non-violent communication and Neuro-Linguistic Programming, I bring people back to their inner strengths to take on a new and exciting reinvention of their health, wellness and lives.

I have been in the fitness and wellness community for over 25 years and have contributed to corporate wellness projects in WHO, WMO, IFRC, ITC, WTO, HSBC, P&G, EBU, IEU, JTI, DHL (Germany) and other smaller organisations, Fitness Clubs and Yoga Studios in and around the Geneva Area.

Trainings & Certifications

My Perspective on Change and Well-Being

With the development of the internet there is so much information out there on what we should be doing for our health, wellness, fitness and eating habits. It is easy to dabble in new techniques and ideas. But what I have found over and over again is that it is not so much the technique, but consistency of practice that makes the difference.

While I was a full-time yoga teacher, the main request I got from my clients is HOW to establish a regular practice. This can be a legitimate challenge. Techniques exist to help you be consistent, but the same techniques do not work for everyone. When people want to change or improve an aspect of their lives, just wanting is not enough. The person needs COMMITMENT to the change. Neurologically, this makes a difference in establishing the habit. Then strategies can be put into practice to help the process along the way.

After years of trial and error along with studies on habit creation and behaviour change, I can finally help students to create the right environment for change and consistency. This can and will bring the desired habits that stick and develop their personal well-being – however, each person chooses to define it.

I truly believe that all of us can implement change. Each person can draw upon their inner resources, decide for themselves what is best and when and have the capacity to take action.

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