The Charm of the “Centre”

I am a big fan of mediocrity, of doing everything in moderation, of the discreet charm of the centre. What do I mean by this? Well, in the new “normal” of our world, we are constantly pulled into extremes – politics, news, opinions, and yes even in the health and fitness world. It is not enough to just eat primarily balanced healthy home-made meals… people feel they need to belong to a group of eating types (IF-ers, Paleo, Vegan, Carnivore, Plant-based, etc..) Or they feel that in order to get results they must go to the extreme.

I understand this. I used to be extreme about my health and fitness. I have been in the health and fitness industry for more than 40 years and looking back, I see the people who had the most success were moderate in their approach, avoided extremes and they continuously experienced high levels of fitness and well-being.

What is So Great About the “Centre”?

1. It Keeps You Consistent

Consistency in health and fitness goals equals success. Most people when embarking on an extreme diet or fitness regimen always fall off the trend. The extreme is too difficult to follow longterm.

doing exercise at home

2. The Centre Provides Slow and Steady Change

The centre aligns with the nature of things. It is after steady work in the garden that we see plants flourish. It is after a steady building of a usiness that we see a stable income. It is after steady work and study at school that the good grades come in. Same with health and fitness – it is not after 6 weeks of a “bootcamp” or Machiavellian diet that one will have a lifetime of health and fitness. Slow and steady lifestyle changes bring the results.

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3. It is Emotionally Calming and Non-stressful

One of the fascinating things I find about the centre is that it is surprisingly calming. When we do not swing from one extreme to the next but stay closer to the centre, the nervous system is less stimulated and we can feel a sense of inner calm. We can move from flight and flight to rest and digest and become more resilient in the process. The body and mind function in harmony with each other and one can become a calmer and self-regulating person. I think most people know what I am saying here. Take a moment to ask yourself if you are going into extremes and how you can bring more aspects of your life and health to the discreet charm of the centre.

emotionally connected to nature

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