Nutrition Coaching

by Anne Macnabb

Online Nutrition Coaching

For many years, I was confused about what to eat, how to eat to create the optimum performance and at the same time create happiness and joy around food.
After years as a vegetarian and a few as a vegan, passing on to Paleo and even some Ketogenic protocols, I have landed solidly into Precision Nutrition nutritional recommendations which follows general guidelines. I have never felt better, lowered my stress around food and really began to ENJOY my meals! The added benefit is weight loss, better hair, better skin, better sleep and more energy.

If you are also struggling to find the right nutritional fit for you, perhaps I can help. Three times per year I will launch programmes to re-establish healthy eating habits. And if you have nutritional restrictions or philosophies (vegetarian or other), EVERYTHING can be tailored to meet your requirements.

Small Group Sessions

Start on your way to feeling your best and RELAX around food!

Using the Precision Nutrition Programme, you receive new habits to establish to bring you to your goals.

A WhatsApp group to give reminders, resources, scientific studies to support the reasons for the habits, and a once per week a Zoom meeting with me and the others in the group to help coach you on your progress.

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 Weekly Zoom Group Coaching Meetings:
Mondays, 19h00  

These meetings usually last between 30 mins and 1 hour.  Each week we look at progress, where the challenges are and a new habit formation technique.  If you miss a coaching session they can be recorded and sent to you within the week.

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Note: You must have a 30 minute Zoom starter session with me (included in the price)



« The approach and resources are excellent.  It is definetely the right method.  And, you are an amazing coach! « 



« I would definitely recommend this course…. It was a great.. The course gave me tools to improve my health and everyday life. I learnt how to control my portions, to control my emotional eating. I can eat everything (no restrictions!) and feel happy about what I am eating and about how much I can eat. Thank you so much, Anne! »



« PN is practical and doable-and I especially like the small nudges and small commitments that are the foundation of lasting change. Really Anne you are the most important and impactful part of the course. « 



« I would highly recommend the Small Group Nutritional Coaching to anyone who is interested in their own health and lifestyle improvement. For me, the most helpful and interesting part of the coaching were the weekly challenges that Anne provided. Those helped me establish some small, attainable goals that I was able to incorporate into my current lifestyle. Anne not only helped guide us on nutritional goals, but overall lifestyle goals, including the importance of sleep and exercise. A very well rounded coaching session!« 



« This course has left me with one main insight: how important it is to look after myself and listen to my body!!! Through regular 3-times-per-day-eating- habits (Protein- Carbohydrates- fat), sport and drinking enough Water I have managed to gain not only more energy but feeling better in my body. I can recommend this course to anybody wanting to experience this change! »



This is for those of you who need that extra assistance in reaching your goals. It is recommended to have a session once every 1-2 weeks either on Zoom or in-person. We will also use the Precision Nutrition Programme and you will benefit
from Habits Coaching techniques and expertise.

Why AMWellness?

With the development of the internet there is so much information out there on what we should be doing for our health, wellness, fitness and eating habits. It is easy to dabble in new techniques and ideas. But what I have found over and over again is that it is not so much the technique, but consistency of practice that makes the difference.

While I was a full-time yoga teacher, the main request I got from my clients is
HOW to establish a regular practice. This can be a legitimate challenge. Techniques exist to help you be consistent, but the same techniques do not work for everyone.

After years of trial and error along with studies on habit creation and behaviour change, I can finally help students to create the right environment for change and
consistency. This can and will bring the desired goal of transformation and well-being.

To be at your highest potential, you need to be in top physical form.
I can help you get there.

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